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A family business operating in several real estate sectors, we own retirement homes, rental, commercial and industrial buildings. We also work in residential real estate development. The large IMMO 1ère family has more than 400 employees dedicated to the well-being of our tenants and the development of quality real estate assets.

10 Seniors' Residences in Quebec

Discover our living spaces where life is good in Montreal, Montérégie, Central Quebec and Quebec City. Our assisted living residences allow autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors, as well as those suffering from cognitive loss or Alzheimer's to get care that is fully adapted to their needs. Opt for peace of mind and tranquility!
Your Next Home

Creating Comfortable Living Spaces

For us, the condition of our properties is a top priority. That's why we regularly maintain and modernize our buildings. We want you to enjoy a clean, safe and comfortable living space maintained by a team that’s devoted to your satisfaction.


Live in a well-maintained apartment building located near services and public transportation. IMMO 1ère is proud to offer comfortable apartments in buildings with multiple amenities. With interesting locations throughout the city, you will surely find what you are looking for.

You Can Count on Us

Everyone's needs are different, and our team takes the time to understand yours so we can help you find the right space. Choosing where you live is an important decision, and we offer some interesting options! We are also available to act quickly in case of any emergency or problems.

Our Company

Founded more than 25 years ago, IMMO 1ère has always continued to expand.

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